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Creatures of Imagination

Follow the lively adventures of naturalist Gwendolyn Remington-Burke as she sets out in 1889 to sculpt creatures "from the edge of evolution".  With an degree in Comparative Dragonology and a modest stipend from her uncle Phineas Fogg, Gwendolyn circles the globe to capture in sculpture and exquisite full color photography such novel creatures as the North Carolinian Card Shark, Jules the Giant Squid, the Buff-Aloha, the Purple Crested Bandersnatch, and the Pre-Hysteric Squirrel of Australia.  Along the way she encounters mythic sea serpents, literary snakes, surfer dragons, wizardly otters and fish who trade their tails for pinwheels.  Her journal describes the creature, its habitat (and habits), as well as how it got its name, and its individual "backstory". 

This art-adventure-naturalist's-notebook is a visual delight, an amusing read, and an artistic introduction to a large body of imaginative work by a self-taught sculptor.